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Issue 3/2020

Accompany Stephen Shore on his journey through the USA in the 1970s and see the equally colourful reportage by Gaël Turine from Iran. Also: a monochrome reportage on the bitter fight confronting indigenous communities in Mexico, an artistic story of the existential struggle for survival of an individual in a seemingly hostile world by Letizia Le Fur, and Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt’s striking images capturing relationships between people and animals, where a sense of humour and of melancholy walk hand in hand.

In the technical section of this issue you can learn more about the new Leica S3 and read a practical field report on the M10 Monochrom.

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Looking closely at this picture, I realized that if I loved it, it was because here was a scene that was a little out of time – even ‘counter-time’.
Gaël Turine

Forty years after the Islamic Revolution, Gaël Turine spent three weeks travelling across Iran on assignment for the Arte TV station. Covered by a tourist visa, his road trip took him along paths through a divided society – from Kurdistan in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south.


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