That's Me.
That's Leica.

Depuis plus de cent ans, Leica Camera est synonyme de tradition, de précision et d'innovation. Mais la véritable force de la marque, ce sont les nombreuses personnes qui, dans le monde entier, font preuve d'expertise, d'amour et de passion pour que Leica puisse se concentrer sur ce qui compte - das Wesentliche, l'essentiel de la photographie. Du polisseur de lentilles au directeur, du galeriste au directeur marketing - chaque semaine, cinq employés de Leica du monde entier vous diront pendant les quatre prochaines semaines pourquoi ils sont fiers de travailler pour Leica.

“My team is like my family”
Katharina Theiß

"I have been working for Leica since 2006. In 2012 I took over the responsibility for the M camera line, as team leader at the plant in Wetzlar. My team is like my family. Together we are strong, and together we do our best every day to achieve the highest results. I am very proud to work in this team and in the surroundings here in Wetzlar." Katharina Theiß, Leica Camera AG

“I made my passion my job”
Andrea Pacella

"My passion for photography drove me to start working at Leica 28 years ago, as a junior marketing director in Italy. Today I’m at Wetzlar headquarters, the “mother ship”, serving as Director of Global Marketing & Communication, connecting daily with photography lovers and master professionals, our global Leica family. I made my passion my job – what more could I ask for… That’s me, that’s Leica!" Andrea Pacella, Leica Camera AG

“A passion for the picture”
Oliver Zielberg

I’m a child of the photo industry. While I was training professionally at Minox in the eighties, I was captivated by a passion for the picture, which has never let me go. After completing technical studies, I found my way indirectly to Leica – a company with a fascinating history – in 1996, and since then I’ve been part of a wonderful team developing great cameras for our clients. Oliver Zielberg, Leica Camera AG

“Culture and team spirit”
Pedro Gonçalves

"I’ve been with Leica for one year. My passion for photography and for premium products was what motivated me to join this company, and I’m continuously fascinated by the culture and team spirit that exists." Pedro Gonçalves, QS – Production Support, Leica Camera Portugal

“To fix light in its heart”
Jean-Jacques Karatchian

"Everything comes from light. Leica knows better than anyone how to fix light in its heart. This light will stay for eternity, in the eyes of our hearts. I’ve been working at the Leica mother ship for 11 years, unveiling the S and SL systems. The S and SL, the Queens of Queens, are the most beautiful cameras in the world. Their eyes are unique, bewitching. My role as International Sales Area Manager for Sales Professional is to make their international admirers fall in love, and marry them. To own a Leica is to enter into another dimension of life." Jean-Jacques Karatchian, Leica Camera AG

“The genuine passion of our employees”
Dr. Andreas Kaufmann

"Sometimes I think, the main quality at Leica Camera Group is the genuine passion of our employees – oh, by the way, I’m not an employee of Leica, but since 2004 I see myself as a necessary part of our long and winding road to deliver ‘das Wesentliche’! That’s me, that’s Leica.” Leica Camera AG, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

“Passion for the brand and the art of photography”
Ryan Williams

"My Leica journey started in 2007 as the Australian distributor. In 2013 we opened the subsidiary company, Leica Camera Australia. One thing that is unmistakable about working at Leica, is the immense passion our people share for this legendary brand and for the art of photography." Ryan Williams, Managing Director for Leica Australia

“Passionate about the uniqueness of its heritage”
Pedro Oliveira

"I have been with Leica since April 2000, and I’m very proud to be part of this family, and passionate about the uniqueness of its heritage, its culture, the products, the craftsmanship and, at the same time, the aim for innovation." Pedro Oliveira, Managing Director/Plant Manager for Leica Camera Portugal

“A working family”
Gülten Baumann

"Leica has always been an iconic and fascinating brand to me – even before I started my career as a Sales Assistant at Leica 20 years ago. It is a company that embraces its employees’ valuable qualities and skills. Like a working family with its heart in everything it does. I am proud to be part of that family." Gülten Baumann, Managing Director for Leica Camera Switzerland

“Pride and kindness”
Victor Costa

"I started working for Leica in Portugal seven years ago (for the 2nd time!), as Head of Logistics. This job needs ability and focus. The result, well the result is… pride and kindness!" Victor Costa, Leica Camera Portugal

“Concentrate on the essentials”
Jochen Schädlich

"My career at Leica started 15 years ago in quality management as a test engineer in the laboratory for digital system cameras. I am currently leading an experienced team of quality managers for the heart of Leica – the M camera. Transforming the qualitative precision of analogue mechanics into the complexity of the digital age, while maintaining the simplicity of operation for the customer, is what drives me. The Leica photographer should be able to concentrate on the essentials: the motif, the moment – in short: photography." Jochen Schädlich, Leica Camera AG

“A constant inspiration”
Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez

"With two decades of continuous, curatorial practice in the non-profit and academic sector, I joined Leica Camera USA as Curator & Gallery Manager of the Leica Gallery Boston in 2017. The Leica community and its amazing worldwide network of galleries have been a constant inspiration!" Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, Leica Gallery Boston

“Employees striving for perfection”
Edgar Zimmermann

"For me, the company stands for the way the employees strive tirelessly for perfection. What’s important is that the basis for this, the mutual respect and appreciation, is experienced by all the staff. From my experience as part of the workers’ council, this wholistic way of thinking is what guarantees the high quality and, as a result, customer satisfaction." Edgar Zimmermann, Leica Camera AG (recently retired)

“Ahead when it comes to innovative production processes”
Renato Silva

"It was my first job, which I started 20 years ago. I’ve always enjoyed working here, because the company is always ahead when it comes to innovative production processes and technologies." Renato Silva, Leica Camera Portugal, Group Leader Automatic Lathe

"A life-long love of Leica"
Roger Horn

"I have been with Leica in the USA for over 46 years. A life-long love of Leica, that is perfectly framed by my passion and pride for what I do, and with whom I do it – at Leica Camera." Roger Horn, Managing Director for Leica USA

“To bring things to perfection”
Peter Schreiner

"In 2006 I finished my degree as an electrical technician. I started working for Leica as a process engineer in 2010. Since 2015, I am Head of Camera Assembly at the plant in Wetzlar. I love to bring things to perfection. This is exactly Leica." Peter Schreiner, Leica Camera AG

“Faire des clients, des membres de la famille”
Sunil Kaul

"Mon voyage avec la marque Leica a commencé en janvier 2007. J'ai ouvert le bureau Leica en Asie en 2008, suivi par d'autres filiales et l'ouverture de plus de 14 Leica Stores. Nous avons changé la façon dont nous traitons nos clients et nos partenaires, en faisant d'eux des amis et des membres de la famille. C'est un parcours difficile, mais on dit que quand on aime ce qu'on fait, ce n'est plus un travail. C'est un honneur de faire partie de cette équipe et de cette marque unique, et je lui suis très reconnaissant de rencontrer des gens extraordinaires tous les jours." Sunil Kaul, Directeur Leica Camera Asie Pacifique

“J'adore mon travail”
Ana Márcia Almeida

"J'ai commencé à travailler pour Leica il y a 23 ans, après avoir terminé mes études. J'aime mon travail de polisseuse de lentilles. En fait, être chez Leica, c'est comme être en famille." Ana Márcia Almeida, Leica Camera Portugal

“Rencontrer les personnes qui adorent Leica”
Kazunori Fuke

"En avril 2007, il y a tout juste 13 ans, j'ai quitté Hermès Japon pour rejoindre Leica Camera Japon, qui était une joint-venture entre Hermès et Leica. Les deux sociétés partagent le savoir-faire artisanal comme valeur commune. Il y a tant de choses que j'aime chez Leica, mais pour moi, la meilleure est que j'ai la chance de rencontrer tant de gens différents et merveilleux qui aiment Leica ! Je poursuis toujours ce voyage unique et heureux". Kazunori Fuke, directeur général de Leica Camera Japon

“Cette entreprise traditionnelle me fascine”
Uwe Henß

"J'ai commencé mes études de mécanique de précision chez Leitz Wetzlar en 1982 et j'ai participé à la création de Leica Camera AG à Wetzlar en 1986. Depuis lors, je suis fasciné par cette entreprise traditionnelle et je suis très fier de travailler ici pour Leica à Wetzlar." Uwe Henß, Leica Camera AG

“Fière de faire partie du monde Leica”
Nadine Thomas

"Je travaille depuis 17 ans comme experte en service au département des ressources humaines au siège de Leica Camera AG à Wetzlar. Pour moi, c'est plus qu'un simple lieu de travail. Je suis fière de faire partie du monde Leica. Dans le cadre de mon activité, je rencontre beaucoup de personnes différentes. J'aime les gens, les chiffres et le challenge. J'aime mon travail ! Et je suis passionnée pour la photographie que je pratique pendant mon temps libre." Nadine Thomas, Leica Camera AG