Leica Brand Campaign „THE WORLD DESERVES WITNESSES” celebrates the photographers who witness the world

Leica, the legendary German maker of photographic devices whose roots go back in time of more than 150 years, is celebrating the commitment of photographers who bear witness to the world in a new international advertising campaign whose claim is “THE WORLD DESERVES WITNESSES”.

Through this campaign, the company pays homage to all those who use their Leica camera to document the beauty and poetry of the world. We celebrate those who capture pivotal moments of history, or the fragility of our human condition through their own sensitivity and unique view.

Witnessing life with a Leica is a human and essential act. More than mere photos, these images are precious eyewitness accounts, whether they capture global events, or small intimate stories.

In a time in which the act of taking a picture has become easier than ever, and perhaps too often careless and superficial, this campaign aims to highlight the value of looking at the world in a more meaningful way. Seeing those precious fragments of time in which the elements of the scene compose themselves through the lens and the photographer’s eye is unique and unrepeatable.

To preserve all the integrity and sincerity of these visual testimonials this campaign, created by advertising agency TBWA\PARIS, was developed using only existing photographs. No photo was created or staged to suit the communication concept, nothing has been retouched or changed.

All the photographic testimonies of the new Leica campaign are the pure expression of a personal way of seeing. Due to the plurality of themes – whether societal, political, poetic or the everyday – this public expression touches all that is universal and resonates with our humanity. By adopting this approach, the campaign highlights the uniqueness of the Leica brand: a legendary brand, a revered brand, a unique brand, but above all, a brand built upon passion.

This vision is shared in our video manifesto which will be aired online worldwide. The campaign includes visuals shown in print and online in more than 15 countries, which will change and renew over time. Over 30 photographers, from all walks of life, contributed to the campaign.

Moved by the deep meaning of this initiative, internationally recognised American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, lends his voice to the video to give a timelessness to the campaign. Meyerowitz, whose work is included and has been shown in the most eminent museums worldwide, and published in countless books, commented “I had goose bumps down my arms and along my ribs when I first saw the video. It was astonishing! It was more human and inspiring than anything any camera company has ever done! No doubt about it.”

See the full-length video manifesto here: https://youtu.be/tjuQ3fuGD2Q

This multifaceted, universal campaign spotlights several of the German company’s legendary cameras. The iconic M family (among which the most recent M10-R and M10 Monochrom cameras) as well as one of the best seller cameras for Leica Camera, the Leica Q2 and its recent sibling the Leica Q2 Monochrom.

Since 1914, when it invented the first 35mm camera, Leica designs and manufactures precision optical instruments which have become iconic thanks both to their timeless design and for having been the camera of choice of the greatest masters of the 20th century, whose pictures have recorded the milestones of our modern history. All these images, together with those shot into the 21st century, belong now to our collective imagination.

“I’m extremely happy with the result of our new campaign. I think that the new campaign – and we at Leica do this only every ten years or so – reflects beautifully our photographic, artistic, and humanistic approach. All I can say: Let us altogether be witnesses for all the facets of our common world!” Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder of Leica Camera AG.

Please find further information at: https://witnesses.leica-camera.com/

Press Release - Leica Brand Campaign

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Leica Camera AG est un fabricant d’appareils photo et d’instruments d’observation de haut de gamme d’envergure internationale. La réputation légendaire de la marque Leica est fondée sur une longue tradition d’excellente qualité. En association avec des technologies innovantes, tous les produits Leica satisfont à un objectif commun : de meilleures images, partout où la perception et la visualisation sont primordiales. Le siège social de Leica Camera AG est situé à Wetzlar, dans le Länder de Hessen en Allemagne, un second site de production étant installé à Vila Nova de Famalicão au Portugal. Leica Camera dispose d’un réseau propre de filiales dans différents pays, de magasins Leica Stores, de Galeries Leica et d’Écoles Leica Akademies.