Leica Classic Store: Vintage products, expertly serviced

Leica has launched an exciting new enterprise: the Leica Classic Store enables customers to buy and sell vintage and second-hand Leica products, all while benefitting from the on-site services provided by Leica Customer Care. Leica already proved its dedication to the vintage market when the company took over the auction trade in Vienna. The Classic Store now represents a further step in this direction. Leica photographers in search of cameras and lenses from any era now have access to a safe and regulated trading platform. At the same time, the Classic Store illustrates the remarkable longevity of Leica products – once again confirming that they are an excellent, value-retaining investment. The product range spans from vintage items from the era of analogue photography (which currently enjoys a renaissance, especially among the younger generation), to modern digital system cameras. The ability to choose from vetted second-hand products also makes it easier for those who are new to the fascinating world of Leica photography.

The first Leica Classic Store has been open since early October at the Leica Camera headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany (Am Leitz-Park 5, 35578 Wetzlar). One of its distinguishing features is the glass-fronted Customer Care workshop, which has been integrated into the store premises. Experts are on site to examine and service the products offered in-store, or brought in by prospective sellers. In the case of digital cameras, for example, they might carry out a sensor cleaning in the customer’s presence. Certificates provide a record of all services and repairs. For the customer, this competent service and direct affiliation with the manufacturer represents a great advantage.

Contact via email classicstore.wetzlar@leica-camera.com.

The first Leica Classic Store in Wetzlar is intended to be followed by many more worldwide – in the form of stand-alone shops, or dedicated spaces within existing Leica Stores.

Press Release - Leica Classic Store

Date: 12/2020 Format: PDF (48,37 kB)
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